Manufacturing with a purpose

In 2023, as part of our commitment to local production aimed at reducing emissions and maintaining high-quality standards, we inaugurated a new production space within a historic textile factory located just outside Barcelona.

Low impact for the environment,

high impact for what matters

Keeping it close

Currently 50% of our production happens at our Atelier, and we aim to reach 60% by the end of 2024. The remaining processes continue to be carried out by our trusted long-time collaborators in Barcelona and its surroundings.

Avoiding overstocks

Our production model is based on the search for balance, aimed at meeting our customers' demands while avoiding overstocking and ensuring stable employment for our teams throughout the year in Barcelona.

Human value

Our team is cherished and celebrated. Many of our team members have been with us for years, and we are grateful for their dedication and hard work.

The Atelier was designed to provide a pleasant and inspiring workplace for everyone, combining new technologies with opportunities for human growth and expertise.

Green energy

We have installed solar panels that generate up to 70% of the energy needed to manufacture our products. In addition, the building has been thermally insulated to reduce the need for heating and air conditioning, which reduces our energy consumption to minimal levels.

Growing in a sustainable way

We are committed to a manufacturing process that respects you, the planet, and our high standards. We will continue to implement changes to keep our production as sustainable as possible while maintaining the high-quality standards of our products.

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