Sitting in the port

The Pearl on the Coast

We arrive at the pearl on the coast, the gateway to Scandinavia. Copenhagen is bathed in soft autumn light.

Colourful houses, the harbour, the tivoli, the boulevards. We wander the different quarters, losing ourselves amongst the narrow streets and bustling docks.
Cycling around Copenhagen we are captivated by the architecture of the German Quarter and the gentle smiles of the local passers by.
We take a trip to Louisiana Museum, and are completely seduced by the connection between the artifacts and the flourishing autumn garden.
The city offers so many astonishing restaurants and bars, all of them ornamented with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. City weekends are all about the fine balance between strolling, gastronomic pleasures and experiences. We take every opportunity to try the local delights.
Strolling along the edge of the historic Nyhavn, we are caught up in a metropolitan dream. Copenhagen never ceases to surprise us.