Activate your energy

Nina Adams is a yoga practitioner and astrologist from Barcelona. We talked to her about self-grow and how to use our bodies to build strength and resilience for the time to come.

"Yoga and astrology come together when postures help us activate the energies of the four elements", says Nina. "Our bodies are always talking. We just need to listen".
Fire, Earth, Air and Water: the four elements are a way to understand how we manifest our energies in life", says Nina


Elevated Bow Pose

Water is where the deepest emotions arise. It purifies any negative energies and brings back the sense of peace. This posture helps us feel in harmony with the world around us.


Both Thumbs to Feet Pose

This is the element of grounding and permanence – it's safe and stable. Try this posture to connect with you source of patience and perseverance.


The Warrior Pose

Activation and transformation are the words for the element that illuminates the pathway and gives it the strength and direction to always keep going.


Cat-Cow Variation Pose

Air is for renovation and lightness, but don't be fooled: it can be soft and chill or can be a hurricane! Use this posture to understand the flows inside of you, and maybe even learn how to fly