Lisbon: Carolina Flores

Carolina Flores, artist and designer, lives in Ajuda, a little village just outside Lisbon’s city centre. Her apartment, which is also her studio, is full of magazines, art books, little sculptures and of course – her paintings. From her studio space, she has a spectacular view over the 25 de Abril Bridge, so it’s easy to see where she gets her inspiration from. Her artworks are abstract, using the vibrant colors you find on all the façades of Lisbon. She spends most of her time in her studio together with her cat Zappa, named after the musician Frank Zappa, who follows her everywhere she goes.

“I love the “mistakes” that come with painting, they are always the best.”
“I’m really interested in making patterns for fabrics, I would love to make artworks for pillows, carpets or even clothes!”
“Praça do Comércio used to be a big car park, and now it’s this beautiful square with an in-credible view. So tourism also brings a lot of good things for the city.”