All Natural Floral Water

Recipe for morning routines

What you need:

· Flower petals
(or chopped herbs of your choice)
· Mountain spring water
· 25g Fennel
· 1 glass bowl to store your floral water

Fill your bowl with the mountain water. Take your herbs or flower petals and spread them out inside the bowl. Be conscious about the quantities: if your bowl is small, use petals from 2-3 flowers. If you’re using a big bowl, make sure to add enough petals to “fill” the water surface.

Take the mixture outdoors and put it in a safe place to be “bathed” by the night. The next day, wash your face with the floral water. Let it dry on its own. Make sure you do your washing with full awareness, concious and mindful about the plants, the water, the ceremony, and your own body.

Enjoy the synesthetic dimension of the moment: wrapped by the aroma of the flowers and leaves, feeling the freshness of the water on our skin and listening to its sound as it falls, we let go of our concerns and prepare for a new cycle.