Every move counts

Let’s bring traditional markets back on trend

Every year 5 billion plastic bags and 480 billion plastic bottles are used. We believe that reusing PET bottles to produce our recycled bags is a responsible move. Not only because a reused bag is equivalent to 783 plastic bags, but also because our fabric production implies 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water than non-recycled fabrics.
Buying from proximity trade, avoiding over packed products and reusing this Wouf Recycled Tote Bag to reduce your plastic consumption, are some of the habits you can take to reduce your carbon footprint when shopping.
To eat what’s in season is cheap and cheerful. A smart move to take care of yourself and the environment by enjoying fresher food.
Using this Recycled Tote Bag is a sustainable way to take your purchase home. You will be surprised by it's great capacity!